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That’s good for our clients, not so good for everyone else.

We take our business, and our clients business, seriously. So seriously in fact that we find ourselves working when others are not. That may not sound like fun, but it’s our kind of fun. When we see our brands succeed through hard work, commitment and dedication, that’s fun. Increased revenue, more visits, greater share of market, whatever that is, it juices us. It gets us up in the morning and keeps us late at night.

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Creativity at our Core

We’re an agency built around the belief that great creative can do great things. It can make you laugh or it can make you cry. It can compel you to take a stand, or take a fall. It’s this amazing “thing” about creative work that we are most passionate about and it’s that passion, that level of energy and excitement that we bring to every job for every client.

Great creative begins with a solid understanding of your brand, of your competition, and of the market insights. It begins with an inspired creative brief, and most of all, an inspired creative team to work on it. We can help you with all of them. We have a lot to do. Let’s get started.

Strategic Services

Funny thing about us. We’re all strategic. From creative to account to of course, our strategic services department. We all get together to discuss your brand, the market and the competition. This synergy of minds from a variety of disciplines, creates an environment where problems are solved, ideas flow and unique, dynamic and memorable strategic platforms are born.

Our unique “DNA®” (Discover/Nuture/Act) is the essential building block to fuel our creative process. Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out more.

Branding Experts

We love branding. We obsess over what makes your brand stand out that will get people to stand up and take notice. Your brands look and feel is an essential component to it’s overall success. All the big brands know this and know that it takes a team with knowledge, expertise and talent to create a successful brand identity.

Similar to the creative process, building a successful brand identity begins with a solid understanding of all the essential elements involved. Competitive analysis, color study, logo mark evaluation and eventually, the branding guide. The document that will set the tone, style and flavor of your brand and ensure consistency across all platforms and in all media. We love branding. Let us show you how much.

Responsive Web Design

A beautiful site can make all the difference for your brand. But being beautiful isn’t always enough (when it comes to websites anyway). Before we start creating anything, we sit with you and get to know you, your business goals and objectives, and what you hope to achieve from your site. Once we figure that out together, we build.

We build sites that look great on any computer and any device. A site that looks gorgeous at your desk and at the beach. Give us a call, we can meet you at either.

Social Marketing

It’s a love/hate relationship. You love social media for all the great things it can be. You hate social media for all the great things it can be, but that you have no time for. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Pinterest, and let’s not forget Google + (the search engines don’t!). All those social channels take time to manage, to monitor, to update and respond to your customers. Even more important than time though, is an understanding of what works on all them all.

There’s no formula, every page is different, every brand has their own voice. And on social media, that voice is speaking through a megaphone. Let us help that voice be heard and understood.

Search Engine Optimization

Once you have that beautiful site, it would be great if people actually went there. Or maybe you have a site that just doesn’t perform like it should. That’s where SEO comes in. We’re sure you heard of it, who hasn’t? You may have even received some (probably a lot) emails from companies touting that they can get you on the first page of Google. That sounds nice doesn’t it but you know it isn’t true.

You (start to get) to better search rankings and the first page of Google by methodically and systematically reviewing your site in detail. There’s more to it of course and we’d love to tell you more about it.

While you’re here, a bit about us

If you’ve made it this far you know a little about Nucleus Advertising. We’re obsessed by producing great creative work, obsessed with branding and suckers for some juicy strategic assignments. What we perhaps haven’t mentioned is the fact that we’ve been doing all of this for over 20 years.

We have all been in the limelight for big NYC agencies, worked on the big brands, executed blockbuster launches and developed kick ass strategic plans. Those years in the trenches have hardened us for what it takes to not only succeed, but succeed in a huge way. The difference is, now we’re doing all of that directly for our clients. No fluff, no middlemen, no extraneous/bloated titles showing up at your office for the pitch only to never be seen again.

The team you meet is the team you get. Sound good? We thought so.

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I'm a small business but the team from Nucleus made me feel like a big important business. They understand my needs and challenges and know how to meet them all with a creative flair and sincere human touch. Highly recommend!!

Michael Alick, Owner, Michael's Place Salon

Joe and the team at Nucleus are top notch. They took the time to get to know me, my business needs and goals and developed a detailed plan to achieve them. My company works in a very particular niche, high-end construction in NYC. My clients expect the absolute best work and customer service and I do as well. I work with Nucleus for that exact reason.

Rory McCreesh, Owner and President, Duce Construction Corporation

We had some pretty crazy timelines when we were promoting our Aurora EDGE MRI. Nucleus came up with a killer launch campaign and also a very creative brand awareness campaign. They really stepped up and delivered when needed. Love working with you. Thanks.

Debbie Thomas, VP Global Marketing, Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc.
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Great creative can do great things

Speak, without speaking. Show, without showing. Teach, without teaching. This is a mindset of the creative mind. Allow the viewer, the “end user” to experience your communication for themselves and they own it, they shape it and it becomes a part of them. Inspiring, memorable and motivating. If your brand can achieve this, you don’t get a customer, you get an evangelist, a loyalist a life long friend. A friend of your brand.
Lead, but don’t direct and all directions will lead back to you.